A selection of exhibition images and documentation.
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Donnelly Sisters
The Bisley House, Stroud, 2017

A group exhibition of work curated by The Donnelly Sisters in a local restaurant.

The Robbins and Roberts Pleasure Gardens

Museum in the Park, Stroud. 2017

The Pleasure Gardens of LOVE, unrequited, unfulfilled, lost, met, pained, beautiful, manicured, messy, mates for life. Robbins and Roberts explore the development of democratised spaces in the form of public parks and pleasure gardens through an exhibition of multi-media work. Working with local people Robbins and Roberts will develop new ways to encounter memories through objects, sound, park life, installation, performance and love.


Swan Tours - Robbins and Roberts

Swan Tours have taken place at numerous locations and exhibitions over the past couple of years, including The Robbins and Roberts Pleasure Gardens, Stroud, The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Studio 1:1 Gallery, SITE Festival, Stroud and Cardiff Art Boutique.


Swan Tours give participants the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective.  We invite you to lie back and relax, put your feet up to experience the world around you in a new way.  Exploring how we choose to spend our leisure time, gliding on a swan playfully engages with audiences that might not normally engage with art. 

Perky and Pinky - Robbins and Roberts
The Hardwicke Gallery, Cheltenham, 2015

Perky and Pinky was the first exhibition held at University of Gloucestershire's Hardwicke Gallery.  The exhibition was an anarchic take on female stereotypes and the female body, the preview evening included performances by Robbins and Roberts.

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Art Car Bootique
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

An interactive and playful stall at Chapter Arts Centre, offering 'Lucky Lady Dip', 'Pineapple Parts Collage', prints for sale and Swan Rides.

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Remainder - Robbins and Roberts
SVA, Stroud

Reminder was a culmination of work, between Robbins and Roberts in the Robbins and Roberts gallery at Stroud Valley Artspace, engaging with a range of materials and the female body to invite the audience to participate in a performative space with fancy dress and props.  Engaging with discourse around 'selfies', portraits, female sculptures and tensions in using the female body in art.

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Welcome to Sugarland
The Golden Fish Bar, Stroud

A group show curated by Robbins and Roberts, delving into the sickly sweet sugary world.  "Girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice.." The female form, sculpture, candy floss, paintings and performance explored notions of sugar and spice juxtaposed with the gritty and greasy 'Golden Fish Bar'.