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Swansea Songs

Swansea City Centre


‘Swansea Songs’ is a collaborative, large-scale billboard/hoarding project commissioned by Swansea City Council.


I worked with a group of young carers from YMCA Swansea, to explore their favourite music, what tunes they had been listening to during lockdown and what music has been keeping them going when things were tricky.  What song helps you to escape?  What music makes your worries melt away?  And helps you feel like someone out there gets you?


Supported by Glynn Vivian art gallery, and YMCA Swansea, I met the group virtually to discuss music, album covers, lockdown and more, with the aim to create a series of portraits that illustrate their favourite song.  We then met in person when restrictions had eased to shoot photographs of the young carers using props to illustrate their chosen songs.


This project developed upon a series of work I had previously made, that reinterpreted famous song titles or lyrics, in a humorous and thought-provoking way.  It also connects to The Covid covers project in Gloucester.

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