The Golden Den

The Golden Den is an ambitious, interactive, design and sculpture project that will engage with young people in Matson, Gloucester in 2020, to design a magical, transportable, golden reading and story den.  The sculptural form will be an awe-inspiring, multi-purpose space, enabling role-play, storytelling, story crafting, sensory stories, reading and reflection.  It will be made using an old caravan and is Arts Council England funded along with a group of lovely local brilliant funders -see below.

The den will connect to the national library’s Summer Reading Challenge in 2021 and reference the 1920’s ‘Golden Age’ and ‘Roaring Twenties’, a century (and a year) on.

The exterior of the den will be designed by Moat Primary school and the interior will be designed by Robinswood Primary School, the den will tour to Libraries in Gloucestershire and festivals through 2021 to showcase the fabulous work designed by these young people in collaboration with myself and fabricator, Cory Burr.  The den will be launched in Matson in Autumn 2020 and will travel between the two schools to support and inspire children with story-telling, literacy and imaginative play.

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This project is made possible by funding and support from these lovely people:

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