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The Wilson Art Gallery

"Artist in THEIR Residence"


“WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN RUN?” is an exploration into family, memory, grief and community.  This project was part of The Wilson Art Gallery's "Artist in THEIR Residence" project in 2020.


Throughout the residency, I explored my relationship, memories and objects of my Dad who passed away six years ago.  

When he died, I kept a number of “souvenirs” of him, including his handkerchief collection, that lived in his bedside table.  For wiping our tears away, for dabbing our blood-grazed knees or our snotty noses, Dad’s hankies were always there to sooth our woes away.  


“WHY RUN WHEN YOU CAN WALK?” is a nod to the essence of my Dad, nicknamed “Gaffer”, who hurtled through life with such energy and vivacity, that others would stare in wonder.  

Twelve of the handkerchiefs will be available to view during the online residency and the full set of handkerchiefs will be exhibited at The Wilson when they reopen.

To view the full online residency with The Wilson Art Gallery click HERE

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